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Hey, I am Sunny Bundel. I am a full-stack developer and digital marketer with experience in website development, website design, and android development. I am familiar with JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, PHP, and other emerging technologies.

Sunny Bundel

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If you want to collab with me, have an interesting idea, or simply want to know me, then reach me out at [email protected]

Recent Work.

PC Builder

PC Builder is a free tool for helping people to build their own PC online. PC Builder tool provides all the components which are required to build a PC and a panel to select all the components for your PC without any worry of compatibilities of PC parts. The system handles the compatibility of parts on its own.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MySQL Javascript SASS Photoshop

Mail Pitch

Mail Pitch is a SaaS product that is built to make email outreaching simple. Mail Pitch can be used to automate the cold emails with any email provider and have the capability to manage thousands of publishers and track them easily. Various of the other features of Mail Pitch are A/B testing, find prospects, etc.

Coming in the next update:
* Pre-designed Templates
* AMP Mails
* One Click Prospect Finder

This tool can be used and managed easily from the web as well as from the app.

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Translationly is a tool to convert text from one language to another in just one click. It is built with the help of Google API. It also has the feature of speech to text and text to speech.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript SASS Vue.js Glup

Other Projects

  • Vulnerability Detector

    It's a small web app which I made for the fun in my college which is used to detect and protect your website from various web attacks such as MySQL injection, XSS, etc. It was coded in shell script with php.

  • Image Optimizer

    It is a web-based tool built-in python that is made to make image optimization simple. You can easily use this tool to compress and reduce the size of the image without losing the quality of the image.